After a video was published online over Spring Break showing Joe Budden allegedly getting "caught" with his side chick in Miami, social media started to stir, finally understanding why Cyn Santana called it quits with the podcaster and rapper. However, the video really shows nothing. The two aren't walking hand-in-hand or making out... they're literally just walking down South Beach. Can a man and woman not just be friends? People started to refer to Jazzma Kendrick as a homewrecker, singling her out as the reason why Joe and Cyn are no longer engaged to be married. All the talk got to be too much for Jazzma because the model and realtor decided to give her side of the story this week.

According to Bossip, Jazzma Kendrick has explained the video that has people talking in an Instagram comment. She reportedly said, "No one was caught doing anything. I dated Joe’s cousin. We stopped talking but Joe and I remained friends. Platonic friends! Joe visited Miami with some friends and asked where they could go. I took them to a lounge. We all left together as a group, then went our separate ways. The end."

So now, everyone can stop harassing her. Hopefully, Cyn and Joe find a way to make things work but the way it's looking right now, they appear to be happy leading their own new single lives.