Last week, rumours started to swirl about Joe Budden and Cyn Santana with many asking whether the couple had called it quits. Fans were convinced that something had gone down in their household after eagle-eyed followers noticed that the layout of Cyn's social pages had changed. She had removed any existing trace of her fiancé from her Instagram, which definitely did not look good. When Budden addressed the situation during a live show in Tampa, he told his audience that they had not broken up but he did confirm that Cyn moved out of his house. The reality star issued her own cryptic message after that and now, a possible reason for their rumoured split may have surfaced.

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images -- Jazzma Kendrick attends the BISAZZA Wears EMILIO PUCCI Cocktail Reception for Miami Art Week on December 4, 2014 in Miami, Florida

As reported by Bossip, Joe Budden was spotted a few weeks ago, strolling through the beautiful streets of South Beach while he conversed with Jazzma Kendrick, a social media star who is most certainly not Cyn Santana. The moment, which could easily have been platonic, was captured by a group of spring breakers who asked the rapper where his fiancée was, praising him for his starring role on Love & Hip Hop. Before this clip had surfaced, some fans already started to believe that infidelity had played a part in their rumoured break-up. This helps to only intensify those thoughts.

We previously reported that Erica Mena had called out Joe for bringing a random girl over to her house and those remarks were swept under the rug at the time. Do you think Joe was cheating on his girl?