At this point, it's become clear that Joe Budden and Cyn Santana have hit a rough spot in their relationship. The couple has been engaged for several months but last week, it was rumoured that they had broken up. Showcasing much of their loving bond on Love & Hip Hop, Joe and Cyn were a fan favourite couple from the show but it looks like next season, producers may be focusing more on their breakup. Addressing his crowd in Tampa, Budden reassured people that he had not broken up with his fiancée. However, he was comfortable saying that she had moved out of his house. Now, Cyn is chiming in with her own cryptic message, tweeting that sometimes "actions speak louder than words."

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

It doesn't feel like either Joe or Cyn will be giving people a straight answer because now, Santana has addressed the rumours herself on social media. She tweeted a message to her fiancé that in the past, couples have broken up without even realizing it. "Actions speak louder than words," she wrote. "People have months broken up and don’t even know it. But God reveals all truths."

Do you think Joe and Cyn are officially done? From the mysterious tone of their statements, it would appear as though that's the case. What do you think happened?