One of the biggest stories over the weekend had to do with Joe Budden and Cyn Santana allegedly breaking up. Fans of the Love & Hip Hop couple were finding evidence of a potential split online, pointing to social media as the main source of their findings. It was reported that Santana had removed every trace of Budden from her social pages, which we confirmed. Then, sources started to report that the couple had split up and were not speaking. Now, there is some truth to that statement but as per Joe Budden himself, not everything you read should be believed.

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

During a recent stage show, Budden spoke to his audience and addressed the rumours, telling folks that he and Cyn had not called off their engagement. However, he did acknowledge the fact that they had not spoken in a long time. While touching on the break-up claims, Joe said that they "haven't spoken in a little while." He explained that her "phone's been dead for a few weeks" and she's been pulling "overtime at work." 

After that, Joe cracked a few jokes before asking the Tampa crowd if two people can break up without actually saying so. "I didn't take it no way when she moved all her shit out of the house," he said. From Budden's response, we're still not completely sure what's going on. The first minute of the speech makes it seem like they're still working on things but the fact that she's moved all her stuff out of his house isn't making the situation look too promising.