During a new episode of Love & Hip-Hop: New York, Joe Budden lost his cool on Safaree Samuels, grilling him after he brought Erica Mena to their resort after specifically saying that she wouldn't be there. There are existing issues between Budden and his lady, Cyn Santana, and Mena so it was a big deal to Budden when he found out that she was indeed staying at their resort with Safaree. You know, typical Love & Hip-Hop drama. After that became an issue, Safaree's girl decided to chime in on Twitter. What she said brings up a much larger problem though.

"I don’t get it especially since no one really cared," wrote the reality star before dropping a major bombshell. "Let alone asked about Cyn whereabouts when he brought another female to my mans crib." Obviously, cheating allegations are not something that you should just be throwing around. It's unclear when Budden brought another woman to Safaree's home, or if he actually ever did, but that's what Erica is alluding to. Maybe we'll find out on the next episode.

She continued by wishing her name wouldn't be brought up anymore. "Mentioned me enough like candy man," said Mena. "I wasn’t even bothering anyone. Not even on the show go figure."