Earlier this week, we reported on the rumored breakup of Joe Budden and Cyn Santana. The couple had reportedly nixed public traces of each other by deleting all photos together and unfollowing each other on social media accounts. Previous reports further confirmed their split was due to a huge fight which caused the couple to part ways. The duo share son named Lexington Budden, born in December of 2017. Most recently, Joe Budden was spotted living his best life with an Instagram model weeks after the rumors sparked. While Joe has only addressed the rumors unclearly, a recent surfacing tweet made things pretty clear. 

In a recent tweet shared via his official Twitter, Joe Budden both confirmed and subtly mocked his break-up to Cyn Santana. Herein, the rapper and podcast host shared his positive outlook on the break-up life by stating enjoying his new diet. The tweet precisely states: "When you can really enjoy a meal during your break up diet >>>" Evidently, Joe Budden is an optimist.

The couple was engaged prior to the unexpected split, and so since December of last year when Budden proposed to Cyn during a live take of his podcast show in New York.