Today, Joe Budden and Cyn Santana welcomed their first baby boy into the world, and the couple couldn't be happier. Love & Hip Hop's Cyn announced her pregnancy back in August, and today, on the tenth anniversary of Joe Budden's cult classic Mood Music 3, the baby was born. It's definitely a feel good story for the Budden-Santana family, and a storybook ending to what many deem a renaissance year for Joey. The couple has issued a few statements on Twitter, with Cyn showing some love to her fans and husband for all the positive vibes.

"Thank you guys so so so so much for all the positive vibrations. I really appreciate it. I am so overwhelmed!," writes Cyn. "And thank you to my beautiful husband Joe Budden. I love you SO much Joseph. I seriously couldn’t have done this without you." As for Joe, he sent some love to God, acknowledging the coincidence that his son was born on the same day as his definitive mixtape. 

Once again, congratulations to Cyn Santana and Joe Budden!