Joe Budden had an interesting year. He fully committed to his journalistic and analyst ways and backed away from his rap roots. Now a full-time purveyor and critic of the culture, Budden has dug into his podcast series. The Joe Budden Podcast already released an episode, but the New Jersey native filmed a live Christmas special on Wednesday night as well. Budden's partner Cyn Santana was in attendance, and love was in the air. Looking dapper as ever, Budden took to the stage and began unfolding a romantic speech that ended with him getting down on one knee. 

 Brian Ach/Getty Images for Vh1

"This is the best relationship I've ever had," Budden admits. "I'm here to ask you the same thing. Is this the best relationship you've ever had?" The crowd anticipates his next move and the entire building lights up when Budden drops to one knee. As Cyn sits in the audience stunned, Budden struggles to get the ring out of his pocket. After a few tugs, the box slides out and Budden pops it open to display the ring. He asks Cyn to come to the stage, and she delivers an equally romantic "yes" by admitting she wants to spend this life and the next with Budden. Christmas is magical.