This past week was an interesting one if you're a fan of either Freddie Gibbs or DJ Akademiks. The two became embroiled in a pretty hilarious internet beef, that started when Akademiks called Gibbs irrelevant in comparison to Jeezy. As you can imagine, Gibbs didn't exactly appreciate these remarks and took to Twitter where he immediately began to clown Akademiks for looking like a Teletubby. From there, Ak went on Twitch and went on a rant that eventually got him suspended from both Twitch and his job at Complex.

Gibbs isn't letting his foot off the gas, although for the most part, things have indeed calmed down. With this in mind, Joe Budden is now weighing in on the matter, through his podcast. Recently, Budden, Mal, and Rory decided to give their takes on the drama, and for the most part, they are siding with Gibbs.

As Budden explained, Akademiks shouldn't bring up numbers in relation to Gibbs, as he is currently best friends with 6ix9ine who is constantly being accused of faking streams and YouTube views. From there, Mal and Rory noted that Akademiks shouldn't be talking like a tough guy to Gibbs, especially since Ak has never been one to engage in physical fights. The three podcast hosts also went on to acknowledge that Akademiks was in the wrong for bringing up Gibbs' kids.

For now, it remains to be seen where this beef will go, although it seems as though Gibbs is happy to continue on with it until Akademiks leaves the industry, once and for all.