While we wait for new music from Jhené Aiko, the singer continues to flaunt her beauty on her social media platforms. A few weeks ago, Jhené teased an upcoming project filled with all freestyles. From the sounds of what she's been previewing on Instagram, we couldn't be any more excited for further announcements regarding this. In the meantime, Aiko is educating the fans about herself in the comments section, responding to a fan who asked how she got the scar on her chin.

Though it is barely noticeable, Jhené has been forced to speak about the origins of her scar on numerous occasions. Back in 2013, the singer was involved in a car accident, leaving with a broken wrist, chipped teeth and stitches. She also has that accident to thank for the scar on her chin. One fan asked her about it after the singer shared a few selfies, to which she responded that she hit her face on the glove compartment and "busted" her chin open. With or without the scar, Jhené is easily one of the most beautiful women in the game.

The star has been chasing off rumors pertaining to her relationship with Big Sean. The two appear to have taken a trip to Splitsville and although neither side has confirmed the break-up, Aiko got her tattoo of his face removed for it's pretty safe to assume.