Frequent TDE collaborator, Jhene Aiko, is currently resting in a hospital bed after being involved in a bad car accident.

According to sources, Jhene Aiko was involved in a bad car accident and was transported to a hospital to receive medical attention. There's no reason to believe it's life threatening, but it's being reported that Jhene has a broken wrist, some stitches, and was bruised up pretty badly. As a result of this unfortunate news, Jhene has had to cancel her Wednesday night show at LSU. She currently is resting and recovering in a hospital bed. We'll keep you updated if more on this story unfolds.

Get well soon Jhene!! 

[Update: Jhene Released from hospital]

Good news, Jhene has been released from the hospital.

Taking to twitter a little while ago, Jhene announced she is able to go home, confirming "just" a broken wrist, chipped tooth, and stitches. #Tough