Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been together for a few years at this point and they've faced engagement rumors for months. When JLo was spotted rocking some major bling on her ring finger, people assumed that her baseball boyfriend had popped the question. While neither of them has confirmed whether or not they're actually getting married, Ellen DeGeneres seems to have the inside scoop. "He said that y'all are gonna be married," revealed the talk show host. She was joking about getting a text message from A-Rod and while it was all in jest, it brought up the conversation seamlessly.

Ellen asked the singer if she was planning on tying the knot anytime soon, to which she wouldn't give a concrete answer. However, her facial expressions tell the full story. She uncomfortably shrugs while brushing off the question, a reaction she's probably given a thousand times to the same question. After Ellen said that in the same text, he told her that he would be buying something "romantic, thoughtful, but inexpensive" for Christmas to which she burst into laughter. "That's not gon' work," she said.

The couple has kept their relationship private for the most part, appearing in public together on special occasions. The interview was all in good fun as Ellen loves to tease her guests.