Jeezy and Gucci Mane finally made peace with each other on Thursday, performing "So Icy" for the first time ever. Years of a feud that many believed would be taken to the grave, Jeezy and Gucci confirmed that all is well between them. 

In the days leading up to the battle, Jeezy released a new single off of Recession 2 called, "Therapy For My Soul" where he addressed his issues with both 50 Cent and Freddie Gibbs. Though both parties have responded to the song and his Verzuz battle, Jeezy seems unbothered. Gibbs has steadily thrown shots at Jeezy ever since his stint at CTE went left. However, these days, Gibbs has taken on more of a Fif approach in scrutinizing Jeezy by turning his former boss into a meme, even invoking the name of BMF.

During a recent appearance on Hot 97, Jeezy addressed the feud, though refrained from mentioning names or getting into specifics. Ebro asked whether Jeezy even pays any mind to Gibbs' words.

"Nah, bro," he responded. "I got too many things to do. And if I go see my therapist, you know, I’m not going to care to hear what he says after my session. And basically, the world was my therapist. I went in and I said what I said. I wrote down what I wrote down and that’s to get it out of my head in that closet and I was done with it.”

Ultimately, it sounds like he's at peace with everything in his life. You can't blame him, either. With the release of The Recession 2, his newly launched podcast, a talk show on FOX Soul, Sno has a lot of things on his plate and it seems that he believes it's in Gibbs' court to come to terms with how their relationship ended.

“I’m good. I’m not worried bout nothin’. And for me, that’s my opinion," he continued. "That’s what’s in my heart—ain’t nobody going to tell me different. I felt like I said enough in the song to not have to talk about it after so for me, I ain’t got nothin’ else to say. Straight up.”

Check out the full interview below. Jeezy speaks on Freddie Gibbs around the 14:00 minute mark.

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