Jake Paul has been all over the boxing world as of late, especially following his huge match against Nate Robinson, which ended in a knockout in Paul's favor. Since that time, he has been teasing his next move and has a long list of possible contenders. Paul is even moving out of Los Angeles, as he wants to focus on his boxing training so that he can become the next champion of the world. While these are lofty goals, Paul is a name that generates money, and Triller is ready to drop another bag.

In a recent announcement, Paul revealed that he will be headlining yet another Triller card on April 17th, even if he said April 10th in the video. For now, it remains to be seen who Paul will be fighting against although we're sure the contracts are currently being worked out. 

Paul did reveal that Snoop Dogg will be doing commentary for the fight, which is huge news considering Snoop was a massive hit the last time around. There is a ton of hype surrounding who Paul will get to battle next and for now, many are looking toward the MMA world.

In fact, Paul recently commissioned a flyover message stating that Conor McGregor is scared of him. While fighting Conor is certainly a longshot, you have to admire just how much Paul wants to sink his teeth into the biggest fighters in the world.