Someone at TDE is dropping new music this week. The label hasn't yet specified which artist is, but judging from their secrecy leading up to this huge release, Hip-Hop fans are definitely in for a treat. Many people have deduced that this is a sign that Kendrick Lamar will be making his long-awaited return, but there's still a strong possibility that the new release may come from Isaiah Rashad. The artist is nearly five full years removed from his debut album, and for what it's worth, in an Instagram post from earlier this year, Isaiah Rashad wrote, "excited for all the fun stuff we’re gonna do this round." 

While we all wait to see which TDE artist is behind the surprise release this week, Isaiah Rashad has come through with an update. Rather than dropping hints as to who is dropping, however, he has simply revealed who he has been listening to as of late. 

It turns out that the TDE rapper is extremely impressed with Unfoonk, a YSL Records signee who also happens to be Young Thug's brother. Unfoonk has been making plenty of great first impressions since his incredible performance on "Real," one of the standout cuts from YSL's chart-topping album Slime Language 2. Apparently, Unfoonk's music has made its way to Isaiah Rashad's earphones because the "Why Worry" artist took to Twitter over the weekend to say, "this nigga unfoonk hard as hell."

Regardless of which TDE artist ultimately ends up dropping this week, Isaiah Rashad's Unfoonk co-sign is an unexpected take coming from the Cilvia Demo artist, so it will be interesting to see if the two disparate artists end up working together on a record.