IF & Co. is a high end custom jeweler located in South Los Angeles along Slauson Avenue. Over the years they’ve become one of the most high-profile jewelers in the business, making a wide variety of custom pieces for famous athletes, artists and behind-the-scenes moguls. Their focus on quality and the ability to create custom pieces has given the IF & Co many lifelong customers, including Tyga, Ian Connor and more. They even recently hand-delivered a Stone Island-inspired chain to Drake.

We asked the crew at IF & Co. to pick their five favorite custom pieces they’ve created for artists and athletes, but they've created so much dope stuff they couldn’t settle on just five. Instead, they settled on six.

Click/swipe through the gallery and see their favorites, from the intricate to the unbelievably blinged out (or both). Which one is your favorite? Head over to their site if you like what you see.