Over the years, there have been some scathing diss records that have gone down in hip-hop history. Last year alone, we were granted some pretty memorable efforts with Eminem's "Killshot," MGK's "Rap Devil" and Pusha-T's "The Story of Adidon." It's unlikely that any of those three will end up on people's Top 5 lists when everything is said and done but that's not to say they weren't extremely powerful. Ice Cube is the owner of what some would consider one of the best diss tracks of all time with "No Vaseline." The rapper went in on N.W.A. in his lyrics, indicating a new landmark in hip-hop. 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

It shouldn't be a surprise that Ice Cube considers it one of the best diss songs of all time as he revealed in a new interview with Genius. In addition to "No Vaseline" he gives the honors to people like Tupac, Biggie, LL Cool J, Nas, Jay-Z, and others. The legendary figure said, "Some of my favorites is the original ‘Rock The Bells,’ ‘Let’s Go’ with LL and Kool Moe Dee. ‘Let’s Go’ is crazy, too. ‘Jack The Ripper,’ great record. Then you got disses like Nas and Jay, that’s just crazy. Tupac, Biggie going back at it. ‘Hit Em Up’ was crazy.”

Elsewhere in the sit-down, Cube speaks on the current obsession with prescription pills in rap music, warning people that you don't know what's been pressed into that type of drug. He also speaks about his newest album and "Arrest the President."