Another day another meme but only one has made its way to viral recognition at this hour. While Jay-Z has been giving us meme vibes and Kanye West's Chick-Fil-A meme has now died down the new "Gonna Tell My Kids" meme has room to take over. 

The whole concept is based on the future and how certain beloved acts will go down in history for something that's completely out of their realm and industry. For example, an image of Lana del Rey and ASAP Rocky is captioned as "Gonna tell my kids this was JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy." 

Other funny renditions see Young Thug getting pushed in a wheelchair while eating Nilla cookies with a caption, "Gonna tell my kids this was Stephen Hawking." Another share shows Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra album cover with the caption, "I'm gonnatellmykidsthis wasmy first car."

It's crazy to think that some youngins may not even get the joke and question what's real. Check out some worthy shares of the latest popular meme and let us know which ones stand out the most.