This morning, we reported on the legal documents that Eliza Reign, Future's alleged seventh baby mama, filed for a court to officially recognize the rapper as her daughter's father. She's hoping that once a judge forces him to take a DNA test to establish paternity, he'll finally man up and get her the money she needs to raise their baby. With six other children, Future knows the drill already. He's likely paying a fortune in child support payments and now, he may be forced to shell out some more on a monthly basis. Reign took to her social media accounts to share her truth about Future, noting that they had actually made up but that after the birth of their daughter, he went ghost again.

"He came back around. We got cool. Hashed out the past," she wrote. "He made promises. Then disappeared again." She went on to claim that his fans are making her out to be the victim in this case and her response to them would be that after she grew up in the system, she's not entirely down to head back to court either. However, she's even less interested in chasing after a grown man to do the responsible thing and claim his child, if he is indeed the father.

Eliza Reign wasn't finished there. She also referred to the "March Madness" rapper as a "deadbeat" in the comments to one of her recent posts. Do you think Future will do the right thing?