Future is a generational artist. He changed the game and almost-singlehandedly created a new wave in Atlanta trap. He gets his fair share of credit but we do not appreciate his hard work and historic mixtape run enough. His personal life has not been smooth sailing though. Big Fewtch appears to be addicted to living a fast life, preferring not to cap in his raps at all. The man will be the first to brag about all his material goods and the beautiful women staying around his spot. Depending on how you look at things, Pluto has been clowned for his supposed weak pull-out game, fathering six children with six different women. Now, a seventh woman is claiming that after giving birth to her child in April (Future's seventh kid), he's completely ghosted her.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

During Eliza Reign's pregnancy, she continually told her fans that Future was the father of her child. The situation was muddy because the rapper had allegedly threatened her with violence after she told her truth, which led Reign to live in fear. Now, she's hoping that her alleged baby daddy pays up because she has officially filed legal documents for Future to contribute to his alleged daughter's upbringing through monthly payments. 

According to TMZ, Future has been named as the father of Eliza's 4-month-old baby girl in docs filed recently. Reign is hoping that a judge will force Future into accepting paternity of the child, thus resulting in regular child support payments for her. We'll keep an eye on this to see how things develop.