When this whole Hot Girl Summer vs Hot Boy Summer debate began, a few teams were established. Future was running his side with Tristan Thompson, Offset and Carmelo Anthony rounding out the roster. Several days ago, he established his Hot Boy Summer playlist, truly getting in the game and refusing to turn back. If you take a look at his Instagram story though, you'll see that his mind is not all the way there. Sure, Future is still living his best life, partying with Lil Uzi Vert for his birthday and cashing out on plenty of extravagant gifts for himself but he's got feelings too. Speaking directly to his followers, Big Fewtch appeared to be going through it when he declared that he's ready to settle down with a wife.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

The Atlanta-based artist took a video of himself all wrapped up in his hoodie, declaring that he is basically done with Hot Boy Summer for the time being. "I need a muhfuckin wife so she can take care of me," he said before letting out an audible exhale and sigh. As one of the biggest playboys in the game, it's surprising to see Future get in his feelings like this but everybody has human moments. We expect him to get back to his head coaching gig on the Hot Boy Summer team very soon.