Lil Pump has been active on his social media outlets today, updating his Instagram story to encourage a drug-free lifestyle this morning and then turning things negative and encouraging his fans to spam Funk Flex's page. The issues between the two stem from Flex naming Lil Pump as part of his "wack rapper" list earlier this year. While the list has not been brought up directly by either side, Pump's following has been flooding the DJ's mentions with "L's," implying that he took the loss in this situation. Both Funk Flex and Pump have commented once more, making their feelings towards the other crystal clear.

Funk Flex reposted a video from Pump's IG story, showing the rapper blowing his nose into a hundred dollar bill. After signing an $8 million record deal, the playful stunt won't hurt the Floridian's bank account in the long run but Flex had something to say about it. The radio host shared the video and added a caption reading, "Could of use that to buy a ghostwriter!" before tagging Pump directly. The "Gucci Gang" singer fired further shots at DJ Funkmaster Flex, calling him a walking L for assaulting his wife in the past. The young rapper posted an article with Funk's mugshot, writing, "U hit women ur literally a L."

We expect both sides to continue their bickering as this most recent update has not exactly been the friendliest. Whose side are you on throughout their potential beef?