The "Unforgettable" rapper, French Montana, is looking to produce a line of products on the same premise of his hit track with Swae Lee. New reports from TMZ   say that French is seeking to trademark his name for commerce in the beauty and health markets.

French wants to bank on his name and his status with fragrances, lotions, shampoos, and non-medicated toiletries. The publication reports that he's already trademarked his name for products such as watches, backpacks, beach towels, pillowcases and more. Only time will tell when fans can really get their hands on the merchandise French is working on.

In other news surrounding the rapper, French was recently dubbed the Global Citizen Ambassador to Morocco after his philanthropic efforts. He will continue to donate funds for new computers, books and more as a way to help the education system. TMZ caught up with French before he was named the new ambassador, where he detailed the idea behind his moves.

"The whole idea of this is to spark the mind of the world leaders, you know? To help and do something on a bigger scale," he said. "I just feel like all the mothers and children should have the right care. It should never be a privilege, it should be a right."