Freddie Gibbs just dropped Freddie, a follow-up to 2017's comeback project You Only Live 2wice. Like that project, Freddie is a concise 10 tracks, but it's definitely not short on bars. Produced largely by beatmaker-of-the-moment Kenny Beats as well as DGainz, the project has some melodic moments, but for the most part finds Gibbs focusing on his tight double time raps, something he's excelled at from the beginning. We've selected a few of the best passages from each of the tracks on the new project (with the exception of the interlude). Find them below and listen to the full project, which features a guest appearance from 03 Greedo, here. Let us know your favorite track in the comments.


Pushin' weight, n***a, I ain't pulled a muscle yet
Walkin' with the AR-15, dog don't need to muzzle that
Strippin' lots of pasta like a mobster, I make truffle that
Got a quarter milli in my trunk, underneath the duffle that
Duffle that, where my duffle at?
In the sewer choppin' up them rats, where piranhas at
I stay in that Bentley or that Bach, nothing under that
Four more bodies all in my garage, they LaFerrari that


Gang gang got it tatted
Set name got it tatted
Yayo got me fuckin' with the matics
Finna wrap this crack up in the plastic
Send your bitch to shop in London
7 hour flight the ho ain't bring no baggage

"Death Row"

Hundred pack, fifty pack, shippin' twenty piece
Chicken bucket, chicken nugget, bitch I feed the streets
Chopper block, mix that dope up with that Fetty Wap (1738)
Watch it drop, bitch I started sellin' ready rock, fuck a pot
You don't make a G a day you can't sit in the spot

"Triple Threat"

Fuck this rap shit I'm just here for the check, I must confess
Popo throw the hundred years on the desk, I won't confess
Bro my dope it smoke like ain't no tomorrow, yo that's my motto
Fuck your homies make you po' out the bottle, bitch I'm a rider

"2 Legit"

I got my first paycheck, quit my job, let's get some yay today
My money in the struggle, had to put my shit on layaway
Once they got a taste of that white flake, boy they couldn't stay away
Emptied out my 45, hit em with that MJ fade away

"Set Set"

Told that pussy n***a that this ain't no motherfucking movie
But you gotta play your part
Get you cut for it, snap and put it on the what boy
All these rappers got humungous choppers
But I swear they got some baby nuts boy
If you ever bought a chain back from a robber
N***a, you a fuck boy
Putting duct tape on the whole fam
Flexing for the Gram get you touched boy
Who you trust boy? God damn

"Toe Tag"

Taggin' 'em, taggin' 'em, body-baggin' 'em
Club said we can't bring the strap wit' us
We gon' stab 'em all
Two hoes can't fit in this stand wit' us
We gon' lap 'em up
Duck down then I Deion Sander'd 'em


I might pull in that Benz and your fist blows
I'm so clean I make the bitch take of her shoes
Drippin' water nothing monkey on my jewels
Give me good brain but that pussy do the fool
Fendi buckle coat
Rockin' up the dope
All my smokers smoke it on the spot and get they shit to go

"Diamonds 2"

I can't lie I still high on prescriptions
Sometimes I go weeks without no sleep, I'm in the 5th dimension
I just caught a body, Luca Brasi, he sleep with the fishes
Fucked up part is when I go to sleep I see this n***a image
Bentley coupe, I guess you n***as out the loop aye
Your hoe was a layup, threw myself a alley-oop aye