The entire situation surrounding Famous Dex's involvement in Rich Forever is incredibly confusing. Back in May, Famous Dex appeared to announce his departure from Rich Forever, a questionable move considering how much he seemed to get along with Rich The Kid. After all, the two shed a tear together after the release of Dex Meets Dexter. Maybe the project didn't reach the heights that Dexter had foreseen because he got back on Instagram live to trash his former boss, calling him selfish a dozen times and once again, claiming to be out of Rich Forever. 

In the video, Dex insists that he's only signed to 300 but Rich seems to believe otherwise, commenting during the stream that he'll release the paperwork showing he's still under contract. Claiming that RTK does nothing to help him and Jay Critch in their respective careers, Dex said that he's trying to stop the release of Rich Forever 4, citing that nothing has been done to boost him. The artist exclaimed, "Rich The Kid's selfish ass is trying to sell Rich Forever 4. You're not trying to get me and Jay Critch shit, you don't do shit for me and Jay Critch." Dexter ended his rant by saying he does appreciate everything that Rich has done for him but that he believes he's a selfish man.

Rich has responded to the claims, implying that this could all be a false alarm. The Rich Forever honcho tweeted in response to DJ Akademiks, stating that the two were together during the stream. He wrote, "He was geekin we right here together now." Could this all be a ruse to boost sales for Rich Forever 4 or is there something deeper going on?