Back in December of last year, Famous Dex sparked concern from famous friends and fans alike when he posted a slew of Instagram photos where he didn't appear to be in the healthiest condition. The images were so startling that there was a genuine concern for the rapper's mental health and drug abuse worsening, and Dex eventually entered rehab about a month ago. Rich the Kid has been particularly supportive of Dex, picking up the rapper in his Rolls Royce before bringing him to a private jet to take him to the center.

Since then, the 27-year-old "Japan" rapper has remained off social media while receiving treatment, updating fans on his condition from the facility through phone calls with friends. Much to the relief of his supporters, it appears that the Chicago rapper has finally left the rehabilitation center and returned home.  

In the videos shared to his Instagram story on Friday night (January 22), Dex looked noticeably healthier as he danced and posed for fans. In one snap, he flexed his growing muscles to the camera as he vibed out to music in his home. He also reposted messages of people congratulating him for finally being back home

While the exact circumstances around his release are unclear, for now it seems like Dex is ready to get back to making music for his fans and continue his health journey. "Keep on going up, you know what I'm sayin'?... I learned so much these 22 days like, I learned so much, bro," Dex said in a phone call to Rich the Kid earlier this month.

Congrats to Famous Dex for successfully moving on from this chapter in his life.