People-- even the ones who disliked Yeezus-- really want to hear Kanye West's new album. Obviously, that much can be inferred from the fact that he's simultaneously our generation's most respected and most controversial hip hop artist, but beyond that, fans are taking pretty desperate measures to hear new music from him. Most recently, a petition was started will the foolhardy aim of getting Barak Obama to "make" Kanye release it, but prior to that, we saw Reddit users causing chaos by claiming they had recorded a listening session and struggle rappers trying to boost their followers by bragging about hearing it.

Throughout all this, Mr. West has remained just as secretive, if not more so than ever, about the hard details of the album, first announced as So Help Me God, then changed to SWISH. Although you can chalk some of that up to his personality, much of the obfuscation is due to the album's constantly-in-flux status, with announcements being made and subsequently forgotten, an absurd amount of purported guests coming out of the woodwork, and hoax after hoax getting exposed.

Frequent Kanye collaborator Mike Dean summed it up best earlier this week-- "Whenever Kanye says it's done, it's done"-- so we're not going to pester him to rush through it. Rather, in light of how elusive, sprawling and contradictory SWISH's rollout has been, we're here to contain everything we know in one concise article.