A photo of Kanye West and Chief Keef working together surfaced a couple weeks back, but there was never any clarification on what the two were cooking up. Many assumed that the collaboration would land on Kanye's album, but according to Keef's manager, Peeda Pan, it seems as though there may be a variety of material in the pipeline. 

“Yeah, they working on a few songs for each other’s projects,” he said. “Kanye will definitely be on Keef’s album on Bang 3.”

Peeda clarified that Keef's next project was no longer going to be a mixtape, and that they were looking for a March release if possible. “[Bang 3] will be a full album," he said. "We may be looking to push the date back. I am very, very proud of what he’s done musically.”

The manager emphasized that we would see all of the Keefye material within 2014. “I’ll just put it to you like this: They have several new songs. They’ll be collaborating and they’ll be released this year.”

As far as why the two Chicagoans hit it off in the studio, Peeda believes that 'Ye sees elements of himself in the young rapper. "I think, Kanye sees a lot of Keef’s rebelliousness in himself and he identifies with it," Pan explained. "It’s also a mentor kind of thing. More musically for someone like ‘Ye versus just being the day-to-day. But still, just to be able to have that presence [and] being involved in a project.”