Nobody wants to piss off Eminem. His words are venomous and when you're on the wrong side of them, bad things will happen to you more likely than not. Machine Gun Kelly has to regret his decision to shoot his shot at Em's daughter Hailie Mathers a few years ago. At the time, Hailie was still underage so the move was not the smartest thing MGK has ever done in his life. However, with her recent string of bikini photos and shots from her vacation, many fans of the legendary Detroit rapper aren't quite too sure how to proceed. 

Last week, Hailie returned from a vacation, swooning about her time in Hawaii on her social media pages. At this point in her life, Hailie is in her twenties and she's more than comfortable showing off the body she worked so hard for. She clearly spends a lot of time working out and she's got a six-pack to prove that. Because of the way Em has reprimanded those who look for too long though, everyone is a little unsure of how they can appropriately react to her photos. Some would say that MGK's career ended after his Eminem feud, which is a reach, but you can't deny that his trajectory was affected by the comments he made about Hailie. 

Fans have been bringing up the MGK situation in Hailie's comments section, noting that they're not about to risk their lives, being wary of the thirst traps. "Am gonna not say what mgk said," said one fan. "No, that’s Eminem's daughter sorry can’t look," said another.

Are you staying away out of respect or have you accepted your fate already?