For the last week, Eminem's daughter Hailie has been spending some quality time at the beach, refreshing her mind before heading back home to Detroit. The social media star has over 1.5 million followers and people have been checking to see what she's up to. Clearly, Hailie has spent a lot of time at the gym this past year, showing off her sculpted stomach a few days ago. She's still lounging around in the sand but she encountered a little bit of a scare when she was wading through a waterfall and noticed what appeared to be a baby shark.

I don't know about you but after the viral song popped off, I wouldn't want to see a "Baby Shark" around either. Hailie was chilling on the rocks when she decided to get into the water, freaking out when she saw a large fish that resembled a baby shark. Or, at least that's how she's describing the run-in.

In a later upload, the socialite dipped her feet into the ocean and got upset about how she'll need to go home once her vacay is finished. "I just found out it’s snowing back at home," said the Detroit native with a crying emoji. Hailie has been keeping fans updated on her life for months, separating her page into several sections including fitness, travel and other categories. Take a look at our favorite shots from her page here.