Whether you're a diehard Eminem fan or, like Gucci Mane, can't imagine bumping the Detroit rapper's bars in your car, chances are you've heard Slim drop a shoutout to his daughter on wax. Mentioned in more than 20 tracks from 2002's "My Dad's Gone Crazy" to 2017's "Castle" off of Em's recently-dropped album Revival, there's no denying that Hailie Mathers is both a grounding force and an inspiration to her famous father. Now a 23-year-old recent college graduate of Michigan State University, Mathers is testing out life in the public eye by flexing her tousled curls and toned physique amongst the thousands of other aspiring social media influencers crowding the 'Gram. 

While Em was notorious for guarding his daughter's privacy during the early aughts, Mathers broke the mold by creating her own Instagram account back in 2016. Seemingly overnight, the 23-year-old's follower count ballooned past the one-million mark and caught the attention of celeb-sponsored brands always searching for the next big endorsement deal. Despite the fact that Slim spits bars on "Castle" about the regret he carries for unwittingly pushing his celebrity status onto his daughter ("I've said your name but always tried to hide your face/This game is crazy, I wanted to claim my love for you, but dang I never knew it'd be like this, if I did I wouldn't have done it/You ain't asked for none of this shit, now you're being punished?) it seems that the former psychology major is enjoying showing off her life (and her curves) to her waiting followers. 

Curious to see the young woman that caught Machine Gun Kelly's eye when she was just 16 years old?


Peep the Instagram gallery below to see just how stunning Hailie Scott Mathers is today. 


With a face this fresh who needs a filter?



Pictured here, Hailie celebrates her 21st birthday with her longtime boyfriend Evan McClintock while rocking a skin-tight, underboob-friendly dress. 


Good Morning 

Who wakes up and looks this good on a Monday morning?


Six Pack 

Rocking a semi-translucent cut-out top, Mathers flaunts her time spent in the gym by showing off her chiseled six-pack abs.  



Looking stunning in a black bikini, Mathers waxes lyrical about a past trip to Australia. 



Even after days spent soaking up the hot Chicago sun, Mathers still looks gorgeous in full festival attire.  



With her accentuated high cheekbones and stone-faced gaze, you can definitely see the Mathers family resemblance in this pre-party shot. 


Little Green Dress 

Recently celebrating her 23rd birthday with friends and family, Mathers stuns in a tight-fitting little green dress. 


All Natural 

Mathers can pull off the fresh-faced, natural beauty look just as effortlessly as she can rock a full face of glam makeup and bodycon outfits. 


Nothing To Hide 

In skin-tight leggings and a crop top, Mathers shows her 1.4 million followers that she has nothing to hide - no waist trainers, Spanx, or Photoshop effects in sight.