Just like many of us, Eminem is pretty upset about the news of Netflix ending their series The Punisher. On Wednesday night, the Detroit legend decided to voice his displeasure on Twitter and send Netflix a little message in the process by saying “they’re blowing it.”

“Dear @Netflix, regarding your cancellation of The Punisher, you are blowing it!! Sincerely, Marshall Mathers,” the tweet read.

Netflix announced this past Monday that The Punisher wouldn’t be coming back for another season, nor will Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Iron Fist & Daredevil. It’s unknown how Eminem feels towards those other series', but he’s clearly pissed about Frank Castle & company being axed.

This tweet comes about 24 hours after Eminem had some harsh for another person, that being Machine Gun Kelly. During his show in Australia, the Detroit spitter called MGK a “cocksucker.” "I would but I don't want to give that cocksucker any more fuc*ing light," he says. "Make some noise for your-fuc*in-selves and make nothing for MGK,” Em said on stage.

Check out Em’s message to Netflix (below).