Eminem found himself engulfed in yet another beef. The rapper and Nick Cannon have gone back and forth over the past few days after Em took shots at Mariah Carey on Fat Joe's new album. The thing is, several people who've feuded with Em in recent times have aired out their frustrations during appearances on VladTV. Not all of them but Nick Cannon and Lord Jamar, at least, have explained why they aren't fans of Em during interviews with Vlad.

Em doesn't really do a ton of press, and when he does, it seems much more strategic. It's not like he'll ever be willing to sit down with Charlamagne Tha God or any media personality who isn't on Em's payroll at Shade45. Vlad has a solution to this. Taking to Twitter, DJ Vlad simultaneously called out Eminem and invited him to his show. 

"Hey @Eminem, instead of constantly responding to everyone who mentions you in VladTV interviews, why don’t you come and do an interview yourself. A REAL interview for once. Not those ones with your employee that only asks you softball questions," he wrote on Twitter. 

Despite the invite, numerous people responded to the tweet reminding Vlad that he's consistently using Eminem's name in his headline. It's unlikely that Em will actually do the interview but if that day comes, best believe DJ Vlad will have his biggest interview to date.