Although some basketball analysts predicted the Toronto Raptors would tank this season after losing Kawhi Leonard, the defending NBA Champions are actually striving, going on a historic winning spree and enjoying one of the best records in the association. Drake is affiliated with the team, always popping up in his courtside seats when he's in T-Dot. Lately, he debuted a new look and, while it got clowned by Lil Baby and a few of his other friends, the ladies are absolutely digging it. Yes, we're talking about his very shiny diamond earrings.

Drake decided to get some mountainous studs in his earlobes, completing his look and getting women across the globe to swoon over him to an even more ferocious degree. While some people aren't a fan of the look, his recent appearance at the Raptors vs. Suns game this weekend gave everyone a close-up at the diamonds gracing his ears, causing a bunch of girls to react feverishly on social media.

"Drake just went from a 10 to a 100 w them earrings," wrote one commenter. "This video should have come with a warning," added another. Clearly, people are feeling the vibes, and women are ready to drop their entire lives just for a single moment with the Champagne Papi. What do you think of his new earrings?