With millions waiting for Drake's double album to finally be released tonight, Scorpion is a hot topic in the hip-hop community at the moment. Whenever Drake drops a single, the world takes notice. Come album time, Drake is prepared to break the Internet. Officially releasing tonight at midnight, many are looking over the announced tracklist to find any hints of what and who we can expect. With plenty of fans speculating about the final three songs on the B Side and their possible containment of a Pusha T diss, the most obvious assumption is coming from "Mob Ties," track 8 on the A side.

Of course, the internet's most talented detectives came through in the clutch to find an older Instagram post that Travis Scott made, alluding to his inclusion on the song. At the end of November 2017, La Flame uploaded a photo of Drake with the caption, "Mob ties. Soon. What they not ?" Of course, as Travis fans have become accustomed to at this point, "soon" usually means in a few years. Regardless, it looks like Travis' collaboration with Drake will finally see the light of day tonight. Unless Drizzy made some changes to the tracklist and removed Trav from the mix, it's looking very likely that Cactus Jack will be featured on Scorpion.

With a few other names being thrown around for guest spots on the album, it will be interesting to see what Drake has come up with and who he decides to give some shine to this time around.