How on earth could we forget about Shawn Desman? The Canadian pop star was popping for the longest time, truly making a name for himself as an international star during a time when Canadian artists weren't really getting that much shine. Before Drake, Justin Bieber, Tory Lanez, and other high-profile musicians starting coming out of the North, there was one crooner that paved the way for everyone to live out their dreams today: SD.

If you poll a number of Canadians on who their favorite artist is, a good number of them will tell you that Drake earns that special placement in their hearts. Growing up though, Shawn Desman may have been that guy for them. Or, at least that's the opinion that Drizzy himself keeps. Updating his Instagram story this morning, the world-renowned recording artist decided to let his fans relive their childhood memories, encouraging them to revisit some of Shawn Desman's best work.

Jag Gundu/Getty Images

"They love to act like we put Toronto on the map but they musta forgot about SD," wrote Drake as his caption. Understandably, due to his musical inactivity, people did forget about Desman. It's been years since he impacted the world with a new album and, although he would certainly still sell records today, he's no longer running the country's artistic output. Nowadays, Drake is sitting comfortably on the throne. As you know though, he's never been afraid to give credit where it's due.

Were/are you a fan of Shawn Desman?