After being acquitted of his impeachment charges last week, Donald Trump has been riding on cloud nine. However, never in the history of the United States of America have we witnessed a Head of State with multiple sexual assault cases and accusations against him and someone who's so easily agitated and reactive to the negative things said about him. On Monday (Feb. 10), Donald Trump posted a clip of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David is spotted wearing the infamous "Make America Great Again" hat, to which he proudly captioned, "TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!" Unfortunately, 45 might have taken the clip out of context which led to the President getting flamed on his favorite social media platform.

During the scene, an inattentive Larry David lazily switches lanes in his BMW i3 accidentally cutting off a biker who hurls a myriad of curses and insults in David's direction. Out of nervousness, the Seinfeld creator scrambled to put on his MAGA hat which neutralizes the conflict causing the biker to calmly state, "Just be more careful next time." Later in the episode, Larry David continues to use the hat as a 'people repellent,' providing the context that Trump supporters are not worth approaching.

With Donald J. Trump being unaware that Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm wasn't paying him a compliment with the scene he posted. The masses roasted the leader of the free world with a barrage of Tweets attempting to help him understand he was only dissing himself. Check out some of the Tweets below:

One Tweet, in particular, that has gone viral since Trump's Curb flub. An interview clip of Larry David being asked if he felt like he was alienating Trump supporters on the latest season of his HBO blockbuster show, to which nonchalantly replied:

"Alienate yourselves! Go and alienate! You have my blessing. No, I could give a f*ck."

Obviously, the screenwriting genius isn't a fan of the Trump administration and by now, Donald Trump should be well aware of that. Check out the interview snippet of Larry David taking shots at Trump supporters in the video provided below. And catch new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sundays at 7:30 P.M. EST on HBO.