Mark your calendars for January 19th, 2020. HBO's beloved series Curb Your Enthusiasm is set to return for its tenth season, and from the look of it, the game's favorite antihero remains in peak form. After surviving both a FATWA and a heated duel with Lin Manuel Miranda, you'd have thought Larry David might have learned a lesson or two. And yet, here he stands, nitpicking societal flaws with a hawklike precision.

 Andrew Toth/Getty Images

A few days ago, HBO shared the trailer to the upcoming season, which includes a sneak peek at some notable guest stars. From the look of it, Larry appears to have found a kindred spirit in John Hamm, despite having offended damn near everyone else in his immediate vicinity. On a per-plot basis, there's really not much to take away from this one. Yet the vibe appears intact, and it's always welcome to see the likes of Susie Essman, J.B. Smoove and Jeff Garlin, true masters of improvisational comedy. 

Check out the trailer by now, if you haven't already, and sound off - are you excited for some new Curb Your Enthusiasm?