Viewers knew they were in for something great when Tina Fey opened up the Season 43 finale of “Saturday Night Live” with a celeb-infused monologue—uh, dialogue this weekend.

Touching on the fact that it’s been 20 years since she first step foot into Studio 8H as a cast member on the hit show, the seasoned Fey also made note of her birthday. While she turned 48 on May 18th, the star joked that she tells people she’s turning 60 in order to get a reaction along the lines of: “Wow, you look amazing.”

In the spirit of her birthday, Tina said that the powers that be gave her free will to do whatever with her monologue and so, she used it as an opportunity to take questions from “random” audience members. What took place was a star-studded Q&A session featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Rock, Robert De Niro (who starred in the episode’s cold open), “SNL” alum Fred Armisen, Anne Hathaway, and Donald Glover.

Seinfeld was the first to dish out his question asking Fey if he thought that the amount of celebrity cameos on the show was taking away from other cast members before the arsenal of celebrity cameos was hilariously unleashed. Among other prompts were Cumberbatch’s inquiry into whether or not the show has thought about replacing Kenan Thompson with someone more famous with Chris Rock seconding that sentiment.

Fred Armisen asked Tina if she felt that the return of former cast members was taking camera time from the newer generation of “SNL” stars before wading into a pointless conversation about his diet regimen thereby wasting some camera time before Donald Glover reminded Tina that he was here just a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if she’d seen his hat anywhere in the host room.

“Just so you know, I have this system in place. So, I’ll be able to tell if you’ve worn it or not,” he warned.

The scene wasn’t complete until Fey’s 30 Rock costar Tracy Morgan popped up onstage to surprise Tina for her birthday shortly before she revealed to Morgan that Nicki Minaj was the evening’s musical guest. His response?

“I’ma get that pregnant.” Watch the full clip below.