DJ Premier has made his name in the game, and pretty much anything he releases at this point has a certain level of prestige to it. In a new interview with Life + Times, the producer spoke on two planned projects, one much more complete than the other. 

“I’m doing a project that I can’t mention yet," he said. "It’s a full album. I just completed it with an artist and we’re gonna announce it in maybe in the next week or two. It’s already done. It features Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, [and] Slaughterhouse is on it. 

Primo indicated that the collaborative project also has a specific production theme to it. "It’s a really unique project. It’s a project where I sample only one artist and only used their samples for the entire album," he said. "I strictly just use that one person – took all their samples, broke it into pieces and made my own beats out of it, and scratched it – the whole album. It was gonna be an EP, but it turned into a whole album. It’s gonna have nine tracks on it. It’s a really cool project.”

The beatmaker then gave a brief update on where his much talked about collaborative album with Nas would come about. "This is what Nas told me recently," he said, paraphrasing the rapper. "'Look, I got another new album I got to do on Def Jam and then my contract is over. I’d rather do your album…that’s because we can do whatever we want. There’s no strings. We can just rock out.' Everybody’s like, 'When are ya’ll gonna do an album?' I’m not rushing it and I have other things to do. I don’t even take it personal when he’s like, 'Yo, I’m working this first.' Whenever he says that he’s ready, I’m going in. So, that was always my way of looking at I never looked at it no other way. I ain’t trippin.'"

So look out for more info on Primo's mysterious new project and soon, and don't lose hope on the Nas/Premier full length.