Last year, DJ Khaled came through with Grateful, led off by star-studded single "I'm The One" with Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne. Now, his follow-up Father Of Asahd project is on route, executive produced by the titular young boy himself. Before you can ask yourself how a child barely able to string together a sentence can executive produce an album, remember, this is DJ Khaled we're talking about. Things don't always have to make sense; he simply has a strange way of willing things into existence. Occasionally, the man's sheer exuberance manifests so strongly he involuntary shouts out "another one!" 

Speaking of "another one," DJ Khaled has once again started teasing the arrival of his upcoming Justin Bieber assisted single, which he has taken to dubbing "an anthem." In fact, not only is it merely an anthem, but "one of the biggest anthems." "IM UP TO SOMETHING!" teases the mischievous, sea-faring mogul, "New anthem soon come wit some of my great friends !!" Alongside the hype-worthy comments, Khaled shared a tweet from Billboard, placing emphasis on the scope of his upcoming banger.

We still have yet to discern who the "friends" in question might be, but given the frequency with which Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign have been appearing these days, one has to wonder if they'll be lining up for the occasion. Are ya'll hyped for Father Of Asahd?