By now, most of you have heard the drama surrounding DJ Drama and his IG girlfriend, who’s accusing the ATL DJ of hitting and biting her while on vacay in Turks & Caicos. At the time the news broke, Drama’s girl said she wasn't talking to the police because she didn't know how things worked out of the country.

“I didn’t call the cops because I'm in Turks & Caicos. I don’t know how the system works here,” she typed on her IG story. Well it appears she might’ve lied about that part.

DJ Vlad updated the story this morning, in which Dekabii, thanked the police of Turks & Caicos for their help. She shared a pic of the police station, and wrote, "Thank you for the police in Turks and Caicos. Nothing but nice people to me and helpful and did the right thing."

Despite speaking with authorities, reports say that Drama’s girl didn’t file a report though and no charges have been brought on against the ATL artist.

All this comes just a day after she was seen receiving medical attention for what she called “deep” bite marks on her hand that Drama allegedly gave her. She showed her hand medically wrapped, while saying she needed antibiotics to help fight any infection. “Im about to get a shot. They wrapped my arm already and they’re gonna give me some antibiotics for the bite marks because they were pretty deep so I don't get an infection,” she said.