In case you missed it yesterday, DJ Drama’s girlfriend, who goes by @debakii on IG, made some serious accusations against the ATL DJ, saying he hit & bit her while on vacation in Turks & Caicos. She even shared a video which only shows DJ Drama's back as she put him on blast for the alleged actions. "This guy is a fucking woman beater. It's not the first time, not the last time he's put his hands on me," she said.

Well looking to provide receipts for her claims, Drama’s girlfriend decided to share several new videos to her Instagram Stories this morning, where she revealed that she needed medical attention for the “deep” bite marks on her hand. She also said she was given antibiotics to help fight against an infection.

“Im at the medic right now,” she say in the clip. “Im about to get a shot. They wrapped my arm already and they’re gonna give me some antibiotics for the bite marks because they were pretty deep so I don't get an infection.” She also shared a photo of her bandaged hand, which you can swipe right to see in the last slide (below).

DJ Drama has yet to respond to the allegations, but you know we’ll be sure to keep you informed whenever he does speak.