DJ Akademiks really wants the Migos to be great again... or at least that's what he's claiming after Quavo struck back regarding his latest argument against the group.

On a recent episode of Everyday Struggle, Ak and Wayno spoke about the three-man-band, with the former suggesting that they've lost their street relevance.

"With the Migos, they were a street rap group. We're used to these mothafuckas in the bandos, this, that and the third. All of a sudden, these n***as, they're already in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills. They look like they've lost their street presence. The street essence," he said. "We're seeing Quavo. He looks super happy, in love. The music isn't even matching what he has going on.

He went on to explain that the recent headlines involving Offset and Takeoff have contributed to their supposed fall from grace.

After Quavo invited the media personality over to hear some new music, also telling him to keep Saweetie's name out of his mouth, Ak agreed. He also took some time to explain why he's so critical of the Migos, divulging once again that they're his favorite group.

"Btw I love Quavo, Takeoff and Offset. I critique for them to elevate .. certainly not hate," wrote Ak on Twitter. "Been a fan of them for a long time. Being a fan tho is sometimes challenging the artists you love."

Recently, the Migos previewed a new song called "Birkin" at a virtual music festival and the online reception has been atrocious. People just want to see the group achieve big things again but, ever since Culture II, many of their former fans say they've fallen off.

Do you think they could get their shine back?