Beyoncé has been blessing all her famous friends (and former foes) with her new Ivy Park x Adidas line, and the latest celebrity she's bestowed one of those famous orange boxes on was her buddy Diddy...or so he thought. Bey continued her recent promotional trend of sending pieces from the collection in a massive box covered in an orange fabric, which almost every lucky recipient has filmed themselves removing to reveal the contents inside in an "unboxing" video. Diddy was of course familiar with the process, so when he saw that Bey had deemed him worthy of receiving some Ivy Park duds, he made sure that the unveiling was caught on camera. In a video shared by Roxy Bacardi on her Instagram story, Diddy can be seen opening his box in an almost ceremonious manner, his excitement palpable through the screen. However, once Diddy finally gets a look at the garments Bey sent, his delight quickly turns to disappointment.

Diddy begins digging into the rack of clothes, even doing a little dance in the process, but his joy is interrupted when he holds up the first pair of pants to his body. "Y'all think I can fit this stuff?" he asks the room full of people. Diddy soon comes to the realization that Bey has only sent items for his daughters, D'Lila, Jessie, and Chance, and that none of the clothes are for him. While the line is marketed as "gender neutral," meaning Diddy could definitely sport the maroon and orange pieces, Bey only sent sizes that would fit his girls. Although, maybe he should try to squeeze into them anyway to call Bey out for excluding him.

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for The Recording Academy