Beyoncé's new adidas x IVY PARK collection has been all that people can talk about since it dropped this past weekend, especially with all the celebrities that've been promoting it on social media after receiving the entire set personally delivered to their cribs. While Cardi B's reaction was hilarious to say the least, we have to give it to Megan Thee Stallion for having the "most enthusiastic" reaction to this grandiose gift from King Bey.

Twerking up a storm as Beyoncé's 2003 smash hit "Crazy In Love" plays as background music, Meg was more than excited to get her delivery of the full line. Arriving in the now-famous orange wardrobe closet that we've seen everyone else unwrapping, Meg's new adidas x IVY PARK digs were definitely the envy of many out there who couldn't even get it at retail because it all sold out instantly. Either way, it's just good to see Hot Girl Meg happy as can be and, of course, giving all 8.3 million of her IG followers a twerk show to express her appreciation. 

Did you get a chance to get some of Beyoncé's adidas x IVY PARK gear? Let us know what you were able to cop (if anything) down in the comments!