Just when you thought the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B was over, Desiigner shows up to start the feud up all over again. 

Fresh off the release of his surprise EP, L.O.D., Desiigner sat down at the Genius HQ with Rob Markman for a "For The Record" interview, where he discussed his new music and his thoughts on the Nicki vs. Cardi B debate. For someone who's entire style is based on not being able to understand what they're saying, Desiigner didn't mince his words here, choosing a clear favorite in Cardi B. 

"Cardi B got some fire. I heard Nicki’s ‘Chun-Li.’ I heard ‘Barbie Tingz.’ It ain’t fucking with Cardi B’s shit," said Desiigner. "I love Nicki’s records. I like it, but it ain’t fucking with Cardi B."

Cardi B certainly impressed the world with her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, but Desiigner might still be a bit premature in making his statements. Sure, Cardi B sold hundreds of thousands of copies of her new album and broke an important Billboard record, but Nicki has her own records to stunt about, and her new albumQueen, drops very soon.

Desiigner is obviously entitled to his own opinion on the matter, but on Nicki and Cardi's end, they seem to have moved past the whole thing entirely. The two were seen chatting together at last nights Met Gala, and even took a selfie together. Let's just all get along!

Check out Desiigner's "For The Record" interview down below, and check out our own interview with Desiigner as well.