Monday night was a big night for Nicki Minaj and her fans. Not only did the Queen Barbie announce the title to her next album, Queen, but she also informed fans that it will be dropping on June 15th as well, which is only five weeks from this Friday.

“It’s a big night for me because I just let the world know that my album is coming on June 15, and it’s called Queen, and I can’t wait,” she told reporters.

Hours after the big album reveal was announced, another big moment for hip-hop went down, and that was Nicki and Cardi B meeting while at the Met Gala & taking a picture together. The two were spotted talking with one another thanks to fashion designer Jeremy Scott, but who knows what about. However, it appeared to be good energy and the two were caught smiling and Cardi looked to have her hand on her chest in a gesture of gratitude, as if Nicki was complimenting her maybe?

Nevertheless, it appears all is good between the two, which is a big win for hip-hop. Check out the selfie (below) and some photos via Getty Images in the gallery of the two talking. We'll keep you posted if we find out what they were saying or if they have any comments.