Denzel Curry has quietly been undergoing an impressive run, stringing together a three-album combo in Ta13oo, Zuu, and the Kenny Beats-assisted Unlocked. While that in itself might be enough to satisfy the average rapper, Denzel Curry appears determined to keep the momentum rolling. Though he has yet to announce an album at the moment, the Florida artist recently took to Instagram to test the waters, signaling that new music will be arriving this week.

Denzel Curry

 Rich Fury/Getty Images

"Drop 500,000 [fist emojis] in the comments if you ready for new shit!" he captions, alongside a few pictures depicting a possible new style. As evidenced by a Blair Witch inspired clip he shared on his IG page, it does seem to indicate that Denzel is ready to spark the early stages of a rollout as soon as this coming Friday. And judging from some of the added pictures, it's possible that some of that material he's sitting on might include appearances from Nacho Picasso and Key Nyata, both of whom appear alongside him.

With an artist as versatile as Denzel, part of the fun becomes guessing as to what style he'll opt to explore next. Some have speculated that he'll pick up where his beloved Rage Against The Machine cover left off, and further explore a more rock-focused sound. Others have expressed interest in seeing a further continuation of Unlocked, as he and Kenny Beats exhibited some impressive chemistry with plenty of room for expansion. Either way, Denzel Curry has been consistently delivering for a minute now, and whatever he's got in store is bound to carry on the tradition.