DC Young Fly is best known as a recurring cast member of the popular improv comedy series Wild 'N Out. As a fan-favorite cast member, the certified funny man is widely understood as an unproblematic goof in contemporary discussions. An attempt to harm the comedian would simply leave many questioning who could have any smoke with him. 

Thus, an alleged incident that occurred on Memorial Day Weekend that left a person completely unconscious while he was performing at an Oakland comedy club shocked many people familiar with the comedy genius. After the alleged altercation took place, he took some time to clarify what really went down from his point of view.  

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Edited for clarity, the proud Atlanta native penned in the caption of a photo set sharing footage of the incident, "Im from the WestSide of Atlanta im really from the streets I [been] stabbed I am traumatized but GOD turned my life around but I always stay on point just in case I have to protect myself!!!!!"

He continued, "Pleasanton/Oakland I love [y'all] forever and we always have a good time but I'm mad [y'all] l had to see [that] side of me but if u dont f*ck wit me please dont come to my shows if [your] intentions aint to kome and have a good time dont show up cause I pray that the energy is rite everywhere I go."


"And I'm protected and covered by GOD plus i got hands #IWillMakeItHome," he added humorously. He finished, "Sorry [y'all] had to see me knock a nigga out but guess [what] #IGotOnWithTheShow #GODSentMeOnaMission #IMustFinishMyTask." 

The footage shows Young Fly pacing angrily around on the stage presumably directly after the altercation occurred. He appears still visibly annoyed at the incident. From the audience's reactions, it seems he was able to subdue the assailant after landing just one punch. He then carried on with the show


Watch the footage for yourself and let us know what you think of his impression one hitta.